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An overview of Drexel student resources

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In the chaos of Drexel University’s quarter system, it can be difficult to navigate the array of resources available, so here are a few that we think are the most important. 

One of the most popular hubs for studying and collaboration, the Korman Center contains the Academic Resource Center, the premier destination for any sort of academic and/or tutoring help. The ARC offers tutoring for biology, chemistry, math and physics. Taught by Drexel students who received an A or B in introductory level classes they already took, these tutoring services are a good option for a student who needs another person to review with, is stuck on a homework assignment, needs help reviewing for a test or simply wants to hone their study skills to be successful. 

Biology tutoring generally provides selective services for many of the introductory level BIO 100 classes. Chemistry tutoring is most popular for the General Chemistry sequence, but it is also utilized for 200 level classes like Organic Chemistry, or other notoriously difficult courses. The Math Resource Center, also led by students proficient in the skills needed to succeed in math classes, offers both remote and in-person tutoring services. Intro-level physics classes are covered by tutoring as well.

Another huge benefit of the ARC is the Drexel Writing Center. Scheduled appointments can be made to provide “individualized support for any task—assignments, personal statements, scholarly articles for publication and personal projects—from brainstorming to final revision,” according to their website. 

The newest addition to the ARC is the Academic Center for Engineers. It is a supplementary resource specifically designed to support first and second year courses for engineering, business and first-year exploratory studies STEM majors. In addition to assisting with Python, ACE provides Drexel Registration support, which is helpful for a first-year student struggling to navigate the daunting task of course registration. Tutoring and support is held either online or in-person, and tutors are students who have exemplified academic excellence in the disciplines they tutor. This resource can be found at Korman Center Room 105D. 

Beyond tutoring, the Creese Student Center contains the Center for Learning and Academic Success Services. In addition to subject tutoring, CLASS aims to provide students with resources to succeed in remote environments, general academic success and academic coaching for self-reliant learning. One of the most popular resources at CLASS are the Peer and Professional Academic Coaching programs. 

For students in the College of Computing & Informatics, there are a few other specialized resources available. First, located on the 10th floor of 3675 Market Street, the CCI Learning Center contains academic resources and consulting services for students. CCI also offers office hours to students through the Cyber Learning Center, with teaching assistants readily available for any questions or concerns. 

Beyond academic resources, Drexel offers a wide range of support services for the diverse student groups on campus. As your first stop, Drexel Central has any and all information that you might need about financial aid, billing and registration. Located on the ground floor of the Main Building, Drexel Central can be reached either in person or by phone at (215) 895-1600. 

Need medical assistance and realize that your family physician is too far? The Drexel Student Health Center employs a range of doctors and nurse practitioners from the Drexel College of Medicine to provide a wide range of services, including allergy shots, immunizations and treatment for injuries “in a confidential environment,” according to their website. 

Drexel has historically boasted a strong international student population and as such has a variety of International Student & Scholar Services, including emergency information and resources for immigration, traveling, legal services, visa and working forms. 

College is hard, but identifying the resources to help you succeed early on is instrumental to success in any discipline.