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What’s Happening in Philly?

“For the Sake of Future Days” by Erik Ruin

“For the Sake of Future Days” is a densely layered floor-to-ceiling installation incorporating shadow projections, built structure, and various hand-painted, printed and cut elements. The central theme is that of a world in the midst of extreme tumult and transformation. The installation functions like speculative fiction, showing a world just shy of the terminal end-point of today’s trends toward environmental devastation, economic collapse, income disparity and social fragmentation and alienation. At the same time, it weaves in more hopeful possibilities; people banding together in the face of adversity, the reclamation of public space and resources, the simple acts of generosity and ingenuity that point towards a brighter future.

40th Street Artist-in-Residence Gallery

at 4007 Chestnut Street

Thursday April 14 through Friday April 29




“Spies, Traitors & Saboteurs: Fear and
Freedom in America”

The National Constitution Center is hosting the “Spies, Traitors & Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America,” created by the International Spy Museum. From the burning of the White House in 1814 to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Americans have contended with enemies both from within and from without since our country’s founding days. This exhibition dramatically illustrates the challenge of securing our nation without compromising our civil liberties.

National Constitution Center, 525 Arch Street

Thursday, April 14 through Monday, May 30

Admission $15

Trade Winds From Japan

Sponsored by the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, Trade Winds From Japan features the world and U.S. premieres of music by contemporary Japanese composers and traces the influence of the music of Debussy through their work. It’s well-known that Debussy found inspiration in the woodcuts of Hokusai and other Asian arts; what may be less well known is the continuing influence that Debussy’s music had on the music of successive generations of Japanese composers. Dai Fujikura will travel from the UK to introduce his music at this concert, and will attend a post-concert reception as well. Additionally, as a pre-concert “Aperitif,” young musicians will perform works by French and Japanese composers during the half-hour prior to the concert.

International House Philadelphia at 3701 Chestnut Street

Friday, April 15 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $5 to $25



The Philadelphia Science Festival – Carnival on
Ben Franklin Parkway

The Philadelphia Science Festival is a two-week, community-wide celebration of science that will take place annually in April, featuring lectures, debates, hands-on activities, special exhibitions and a variety of other informal science education experiences for Philadelphians of all ages.  The carnival features more than 80 exhibitors offering non-stop family-friendly experiments, interactive activities, games and a packed line-up of live entertainment. Enjoy liquid nitrogen ice cream, make gak, meet live zoo animals, check out the inner-workings of robots, take a tour of a helicopter, extract DNA from a strawberry, test a “crime scene” for forensic evidence and so much more!

Ben Franklin Parkway

Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m



Fairmount Water Works Shad Weekend

Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center is hosting free educational programs that highlight the American Shad and other fish that call the Schuylkill River home. Events include a fishing clinic for all ages followed by a cooking demonstration on Saturday, April 16. Learn how to cook American Shad from either the Colonial or the Native American perspective as Heart to Hearth Cookery demonstrates 17th through 19th century cooking methods, practices and recipes. On Sunday, watch a screening of everyone’s favorite fishy tale, “Finding Nemo.”

Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center
at 640 Water Works Drive

Saturday, April 16 through Sunday, April 17



Flying Trapeze Lessons

The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts offers two hour flying trapeze lessons to all who are interested, in honor of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about performing on a trapeze, including take-off from the platform, the swing, the transfer to the catcher, and the drop to the net. The event is weather permitting and reservations are also necessary.

University of the Arts lot at 313 S. Broad St.

Wednesday, April 20 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Cost: $55 for two hours