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Triangle talks to Pittsburgh rock group The Daily Grind

In Pittsburgh, also known as the Steel City , there’s no room for slacking off, so Brad Hammer, Matt Majot and Myles Mahoney hustle as the band, the Daily Grind. Hammer and Majot began combining their talents in 2012 with Hammer featured on the guitar and Majot playing the bass. The two men worked together and found a music style that fit them well. They played together for a year and then started getting some gigs as openers before they really began to pick up traction.

When asked where they draw influence from, Majot replied, “The Red Hot Chili Peppers are our spirit animal.” After listening to a few of their tracks, it’s pretty easy to group them in with other alternative bands like the Artic Monkeys and Coldplay. However, the Daily Grind definitely has a unique style unlike any other.

When it comes to playing music, they are nothing if not passionate. Mahoney has played the guitar since he was a kid. He used to bring his guitar to his high school every day. He would even carry it in a trash bag on days that it rained. When Majot and Hammer first met Mahoney, Majot played bass with another band. Since guitar was his true passion, Mahoney was glad to take the lead guitar spot.

Their favorite place to jam out is the Legendary Dobbs on South Street. It was in the greenroom on the third floor that the band realized they were starting to get big. A bunch of the artists that have performed there later signed their signatures on the wall and when the Daily Grind saw their names next to legends like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Green Day, they knew they would someday be legendary.

At first sight it may seem like three guys learned guitar to pick up girls, but instead they decided to collaborate on something that represents all three of their unique personas. Every day these guys are progressing on the path to renowned success. But when it all comes down to it, the Daily Grind is living the life of their dreams playing the music they love for fans that love them.