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Time to jazz up your playlist

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The Jazz Age is back! Characterized by improvisation, swing, blue notes and syncopation, jazz found its peak in the 1920s. However, through different media forms such as rising artists and movie musicals, classic jazz has captured the ears of new young listeners. Released in 2016, “La La Land” follows Sebastian Wilder, a jazz musician trying to find his way to fame in the Los Angeles scene. The movie incorporates jazz tunes and a glimpse of the livelihood ambiance of jazz clubs. More recently, Grammy award winner Laufey has provided a modern twist to classical jazz and shot to fame on TikTok. This new era of jazz has inspired many young listeners to take a deeper dive into the origins of jazz music. Here are the tunes to transport you back to the old (and new) eras of jazz. 

  • Movies and Musicals
    • I Get a Kick Out of You- Sutton Foster (2018)
      • From the hit musical “Anything Goes,” “I Get a Kick Out of You” brings classic jazz compositions onto the Broadway stage. Cole Porter combines the limelight of show tunes and tap dance numbers into the jazz world. 
    • Mia & Sebastian’s Theme Song- Justin Hurwitz (2016)
      • Played throughout the popular movie musical, “La La Land,” this piano ballad is filled with lots of emotions from heartbreak to reflection. Beware, after watching “La La Land,” you may not be able to listen to this song without a tear falling down your cheek. 
    • A Lovely Night- Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone (2016)
      • A more upbeat tune from “La La Land,” “A Lovely Night” follows the pattern from “Anything Goes” and incorporates tap dancing into jazz compositions. 
  • Classic Jazz
    • A Sunday Kind Of Love- Etta James (1960)
      • This mellow song captures the picture-perfect moment of the sun peeking through your window on a Sunday morning. James’ raspy voice accompanied by wistful strings is the perfect leisurely song for your sunny days. 
    • Unforgettable – Nat King Cole (1952)
      • A key component in the composition of jazz pieces is the implications of strings. Famous for his romantic songs, such as “L-O-V-E,” Nat King Cole encapsulates that feeling of passion through his songwriting and instrumental accompaniments. 
    • My Way- Frank Sinatra (1969)
      • A classic, Frank Sinatra always knows how to capture the essence of jazz. The intensity of “My Way” is a perfect ballad for rainy days or dramatic choreography (shoutout to Ohio State University). 
  • La Vie en Rose- Louis Armstrong (1950)
  • Another slow, loving classic, Armstrong’s notorious trumpet skills transport you to the glistening lights of the Eiffel Tower. Covered and rejuvenated by many artists, this jazz classic has become the epitome of jazz.   
  • Misty- Lesley Gore (1963) & Laufey (2023)
    • “Misty,” performed by Lesley Grove and Laufey, perfectly exemplifies a jazz standard. Jazz standards, in pop terms, are “covers.” Lesley Grove’s version possesses a whimsical and light tone. In comparison, Laufey’s cover highlights the piano composition through a slower tempo. While using the same lyrics and composition, jazz standards are popular amongst a genre of artists. 
  • New jazz
  • This pop-jazz tune, released in 2002, fits perfectly in a 2000s rom-com montage scene. Jones uses classic jazz notes to accompany her soothing voice and hopeless romantic lyrics. 
  • Oncle Jazz- Men I Trust (2020)
    • Known for their recent hits, “Show Me How” and “Numb,” Men I Trust became widely known for their dream pop. In this one-minute tune, Men I Trust puts a twist to classic jazz by incorporating indie music patterns.
  • Street by Street- Laufey (2021)
    • Bringing back classic jazz to the new generation of listeners, Laufey has perfectly mixed modern and classic jazz into her discography. 
  • What Love Will Do to You- Laufey (2022)
    • Bringing more of a classic tone to her music, “What Love Will Do to You” brings out the whimsical piano and strings of old jazz. From modern to classic jazz, Laufey uses the base jazz compositions and adds her own style of music. 
  • From The Start- Laufey (2023)
    • Popular from TikTok, this Laufey classic captured many young listeners. Laufey uses standard jazz notes throughout the composition but adds a pop beat on top to modify her sound. 

Take a listen and enjoy the wide variety of sounds jazz has to bring into the music field! Click this link for the playlist on spotify.