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The best looks from this year’s Met Gala

Photo by Carmelo Bayarcal | Wikimedia Commons

On May 6, stars made their way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the biggest night in fashion. This year, the theme of the museum exhibition, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” accompanied the dress code “Garden of Time,” resulting in a display of bold designs and archival pulls that left those watching stunned. Now, it is time to unpack the best-dressed of those who attended the prestigious event. 

Emma Chamberlain was one of the first to arrive in a custom Jean Paul Gaultier dress. Its thorny and gothic elements made for a visually complex and cohesive look. The flowery patterns on her lace wrapped around her body like ivy before falling into a train. In an interview on the carpet, she said she was glad that every year she “feels more prepared,” and this look is evidence of her growing confidence.

Anticipation was high for Zendaya’s look when the world found out that Anna Wintour had selected her as one of this year’s co-chairs. Critics are never disappointed by Zendaya and esteemed “image-architect” Law Roach, who has been curating her wardrobe for over a decade.. Zendaya had not one, but two looks. The first was a custom design by John Galliano, who referenced a similar piece he exhibited with Dior in 1999. Metallic berries and leaves embellished an emerald green and dark blue dress made from organza and sage-hued lamé that shimmered in the light. The second was a look by the same designer but this time under Givenchy. Zendaya made a statement with this dress, which had only previously been worn once, by Veronica Webb, the first black supermodel to exclusively sign with Revlon. Sneaking out to appear on the carpet once again, Zendaya topped the black rococo-inspired corset gown with a bouquet turned into a high fashion hat. 

Mona Patel was a name to remember when she made her first Met Gala appearance in an Iris Van Herpen dress in collaboration with Law Roach in India. 3D kinetic butterflies fluttered on her arms as delicate layers of her dress fell to the carpet with gold detailing. It was a magical combination of technology and fashion that fit nicely within the theme. 

After her rise in the music industry as an African popstar and it-girl, Tyla’s appearance at the Met gala was no surprise. In her debut, Balmain and renowned designer Olivier Rousteing created a dress that symbolized the “sands of time.” The look was completed with a jet-black pixie cut and an hour-glass bag that fittingly matched with her hour-glass figure.  

Anok Yai sparkled in precisely 98,000 Swarovski gems in a full body blue jumpsuit that looked like a second skin. As she embodied the element of water, crystals embellished her body right to her fingers and shoes.  And to finish, Anok’s glowy skin and slick curled pixie made for quite the memorable look.  

This year, Bad Bunny joined Zendaya, Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Lopez as Anna Wintour’s co-chairs. Fans expected him to dress to impress and he did just that. The Puerto Rican rapper and singer wore a custom navy suit from the Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection by John Galliano. The piece echoes Bad Bunny’s gender non-conforming approach to modern high fashion. A sharp and cohesive silhouette is accentuated by a satin black corset, exaggerated shoulders and exposed stitching. Galliano accessorized the look with handheld blue flowers and brought the drama with a plush hat. 

You may know Wisdom Kaye from his viral looks on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Kaye was a particularly inspiring name on this year’s guest list that encourages creatives to never give up. His nurtured love for fashion, art and entertainment landed him on one of the biggest stages in fashion. Designed by Robert Wun, Kaye graced the carpet in a captivating “burnt rose” look. Together they brought a new spin on the theme “Garden of Time.” Instead of blooming florals, Kaye gave us decaying roses in the most elegant way. It’s fashion that aims to tell a story; to communicate the ephemeral quality of beauty and the message that even things in decay can be beautiful. 

Actress Elle Fanning wore an icy-like dress designed by Balmain. Almost transparent, it looked delicate enough to be glass. The devil was proven to be in the details when fashion enthusiasts zoomed in on the glass birds that animatedly pulled on her sleeves. 

Canadian actress Taylor Russell makes her debut wearing a piece by Jonathan Anderson under Loewe. Russell’s high neck corset created the illusion of wood molded to her body. At the event, she mentioned that she wanted to embody a tree, and in an interview with Vogue, Anderson elaborated that biomimicry was the inspiration for the 3D modeled corset, designed to play with our perception of “what’s real or surreal.” A draped silk skirt with a thigh-high slit softened the look.  

British fashion designer Harris Reed wore a show-stopping patterned pantsuit that looked like a walking piece of art, including a halo lined with arrows, an angular draped train and dramatic corset. He continues to give the world creative work that advocates for gender fluidity and inclusivity and proves that fashion can be revolutionary. 

Whether it is mechanical butterflies, 3D corsets designed using biomimicry or gender-fluid garments, the Met Gala should inspire Drexel students to push boundaries in every discipline.