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Six classic rom-coms to binge watch this Valentine’s Day

Whether you think of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate with your significant other, or as a day that you spend like any other normal one, you will most likely find it hard to not be affected by the hearts, chocolates and sappy hallmark greeting cards galore. So, what better way to spend it than snuggling up next to your Valentine (your Valentine can be Netflix) in the comfort of your toasty dorm room while tuning in to some romantic-comedies. Turn off your phones, sit back and take some time to enjoy the holiday everyone’s so hyped about. Here are six rom-coms guaranteed to make you either laugh, cry, (or both) but, most of all, warm your heart. Bring out the tissues…

“Leap Year” (2010)

With picturesque views of Ireland, and a light plot that doesn’t require too much brainpower, “Leap Year” is the feel-good movie that tugs at your heartstrings, and also gives you a good laugh. Starring Amy Adams as Anna and Matthew Goode as Declan, Anna plans to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day because of an Irish tradition (ha…at least it’s not Valentine’s Day because cliche much) but her plan to Dublin faces a setback, so obviously the cute Irish guy comes in and saves the day! Just kidding, watch and see what happens, it’s worth your time.

“Say Anything” (1989)

This timeless classic will make your heart swoon. John Cusack stars as high school senior Lloyd Dobler who unsurprisingly is after the beautiful valedictorian Diane Court. To win her heart, he goes into Romeo mode and tries to go against the odds and impress her father before she leaves for college (great timing man!). The story may sound cliche, yet the acting is raw and believable. Here, the idea of a “high school sweetheart” is genuine. It’s not your typical rom-com, and let’s face it, we all want to see the classic boom box scene play out in real life (take notes, people) because that is the epitome of relationship goals.  

“Pride and Prejudice” (2005)

Sometimes, the 21st century gets to be a bit too much. Some might say chivalry is dead but fear not. For all you literature lovers out there, this movie was inspired by Jane Austen’s beloved novel. In these trying times of “swiping right” for a match, Austen’s characters portray a much different time, with people vying for matches in marriage. Keira Knightley plays Elizabeth, a strong-minded and fierce girl who doesn’t care for love as she is focused on becoming self sufficient (shout out to all you strong independent young woman!) just like Mr. Darcy, played by Matthew Macfadyen. But what happens when two difficult personalities collide? No doubt, there are complications, quite a bit of drama, and miscommunication too, but I assure you this movie will give you major feels. Knightley gives a masterfully realistic performance that will keep you in your seat no matter how much you have the urge to grab that next box of chocolates.

“The Notebook” (2004)

With each new Nicholas Sparks movie containing the same “cheesy” plot seemingly being released each year, we have to take time and revisit the original, timeless, and debatably most quotable romance film. I can’t say for sure if it’s the “greatest romance film of our time” but it sure does come close to the hearts of many. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams take on the “rich girl-poor boy” archetype and seal the deal with iconic scenes and heart-wrenching yet honest dialogues. I wouldn’t recommend lying down on the middle of a street in Philly with your significant other because let’s be real…safety first and drivers here don’t care if you’re trying to be cute with your significant other. “The Notebook” will always show up in the “to-watch” list, because it’s a movie you can’t miss even if you have watched it more times than you want to admit.

“10 Things I Hate About You” (1999)

Yet another classic, this is the perfect movie to watch and reminisce about the old days (unless you hated high school). Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as highschoolers caught up in the trials of love. Let’s face it; the fact that Heath Ledger is in this movie is enough reason to watch it. Adapted from Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” the movie follows Kat Stratford, the “shrew” older sister, who hates conformity and is all about feminism, and Bianca Stratford, the (you guessed it) popular sophomore who isn’t allowed to date. Bianca can date, as long as Kat does, according to their father. Dreamy Heath comes in playing Patrick Verona, the bad-boy with a mysterious past, and the story goes from there. This classic is lighthearted, and will give you laughs. It’s got some iconic scenes, and will make you want to go paintballing, I assure you. With such a talented cast, it’s anything but a “typical teen flick” and you’ll find it refreshing even with the sort of cliche plot line. Also, if you’re an ‘80s pop enthusiast, this movie is the one for you.

“The Proposal” (2009)

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds team up in this hilarious rom-com. Bullock plays Margaret, a career-oriented woman who has never had time to date and whose employees basically hate her. Plot twist: she’s Canadian and has to find an American to marry otherwise she’ll get deported, and that’s where her assistant Andrew, played by Ryan Reynolds, comes in. Also, Betty White has a supporting role, so that’s a plus, especially if you’re a fan and miss “The Golden Girls.” Yes, there are cliches galore, but the characters are likable, the plot is certainly hilarious, and you’ll find the movie sweet and just light hearted enough to add to your list. If you’re eager to watch a rom-com, “The Proposal” will deliver.