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Season 3 of ‘Bridgerton’ is on its way!

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“Dearest gentle readers, did you miss me?” The trailer for the third season of Bridgerton has arrived! Released April 1, Shonda Rhimes is giving us a glimpse into what to expect from a new story of love that grows from an unexpected friendship. And with midterms fast approaching, tuning in to Bridgerton could be a fun way to take your mind off the stress. After months of waiting, the trailer succeeds in convincing us that the new season of the award-winning show will be worth your while. 

The Show Release Dates: 

PART 1: May 16 

PART 2: June 13 

Where to find the trailer: 


Where to watch it: 


Side note: Seasons 1&2 are available for streaming

Across the first two seasons of the show, we have watched the Bridgerton children mature in their pursuits for love and companionship in a world set during the Regency Era. On a stage set within high society London, the architecture, fashion and style carry with them an air of rich elegance and grace. Every season, young ladies and men enter the marriage market in the hopes of finding someone who can help them establish themselves in society. Historically, it was an incredibly important time of the year due to the weight marriage had over one’s social status and family reputation. However, throughout every season, the various festivities sponsored by the Queen, inspire an egregious amount of gossip. And it is gossip that Lady Whistledown (AKA Penelope Featherington) uses to turn herself into quite the entrepreneur.

Up until this point, Penelope has been floating in the corners of ballrooms and tea parties like a wallflower. She listens in on whatever gossip she can find; using her pen to expose scandals and rumors that circulate in a mysterious weekly paper that keeps society thoroughly entertained. However, season three will aim to force Penelope into the brightest of lights. This season, Miss Penelope Featherington will bloom. Now starring as the romantic lead, she has lost hope for the crush she’s had on Colin Bridgerton turning into anything reciprocated and is ready to explore her options. We’re excited to see her take control of her life while she graces through the season in what looks to be a new and sexy wardrobe, ready to find herself a husband.

On the other side of things, audiences may worry about where this places our dear Colin. For context, Colin has for a while been one of Penelope’s closest friends. He has so far been incredibly naïve about her feelings towards him and reckless about the shallow women he finds himself falling for. This upcoming season, we will see Colin once again trapped in his oblivious spell. He will choose to help Penelope find a husband under the idea that he is only being a good friend but will later realize that his feelings for Penelope may be more than platonic love. 

Audiences can be excited to tune into a story of two friends who let love creep into a forbidden picture. But this time, our female protagonist will be walking with a new-found confidence, self-belief and purpose. All eyes will be on her, and we can only hope that Colin isn’t too late.