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Got a question? Send it to me at [email protected]! My name’s Sadie Samson, and I’m an undergraduate student here at Drexel University. I love to write, listen and  give my opinion, so ask away!


Dear Sadie,

I’m not gonna lie: my roommate is an absolute terror. I can’t stand her. She has her loud, obnoxious friends over ALL THE TIME, she uses my stuff without asking and she’s soooo messy! I walked into the room last week and she was using my hairdryer, and I swear she wore my favorite shirt because it’s missing from my closet! I don’t even know how they matched us up! We’re so different, and it’s driving me nuts. I can’t just ignore her since she lives, like, two feet away from me, but she’s driving me crazy! I need help, ASAP!

Distressed Dianna


Dear Dianna,

If you haven’t, you need to talk to your RA stat. While usually I’d advise that you try and work roommate issues out with the roommate in question, the fact that she’s been going through your things without your express permission is a bit alarming, and a room switch may be in order. I suggest investing in a locking chest (or something similar) for your belongings for the time being.

University Housing usually doesn’t grant room switches for roommate conflict reasons until the end of the fall term, so until then, there are several things you can do to make your time living with her more bearable. For one, talking to her about not using your belongings without your permission is important. Try saying something like, “I’m not comfortable with you using my things without asking,” as a start.

Sitting her down and talking to her about times when both of you feel it’s fine to have guests over might also help. While to you her frequent guests seem obnoxious and inconsiderate, she may not know that just hanging out with her friends is bothering you so much. You didn’t once mention talking to her about it, and giving her the benefit of the doubt, she’s more than likely clueless about how you feel. Talking to her about it will make her think before she has her friends over at 3 a.m. next time.

Addressing the messiness factor, there’s really not much to do about that but to keep your room as separate as possible. Unless she’s actually keeping the room dirty with food wrappers and smelly laundry, a little messiness on her side is not something you’re going to change. And unless her mess extends to common areas or your side of the room, you’re going to have to deal with it. It isn’t exactly fair to ask her to keep her own space up to your neatness standards.

If she is keeping the room dirty, however, then it’s time to talk to her about it, due to concerns about smells, bugs, and other unpleasantries that visit dirty rooms. In this case, it is best to address the topic tactfully. Outright calling her dirty will more than likely start an argument between the two of you, which is exactly what you don’t need. Asking things along the lines of keeping food waste out of the room is more than acceptable.

One last thing: while it may be difficult or awkward to bring up your issues with her as a roommate, talking to her is necessary. It will help clear the air and provide you a better living environment overall.

Best of luck!




Dear Sadie,

I know you’re not a travel guide or anything, but I figured you’d know where some cool spots in Philly are — I’m tired of looking at Drexel’s campus all day and would love to explore! Of course, I’ve heard that not everywhere is entirely safe, nor worth the trip, so I just wanted to get your take on the best places in Philly.

Curious Cathy


Dear Cathy,

First of all: I love this question! I love Philly and think it’s a great, rich city ripe for exploring. And because the city is chock full of colleges and universities, a ton of restaurants, stores and bars offer discounts with a valid college ID. Check out for discount listings and free stuff!

Now, what I’d call my favorite place in Philly depends on what I’m going out for. Shopping? Chestnut Street between about 15th and 19th street. Dining? Rittenhouse Square, hands down. Walking around, enjoying the city? South Street and Old City are tied. The Drexel Shuttle takes you to 15th and Race street, right in Center City around a ton of cool places, so take advantage of it. It is free, but unfortunately, it only runs during the week. Go with a group of friends during the day anytime you’re going someplace new, and be safe! If a street looks deserted and a little sketchy, it’s probably best to stay away. If there are a ton of restaurants and stores and the place is lively, you’re probably safe. Take the time to explore the surrounding city (walking down Market Street and Chestnut Street toward 15th Street is a great way to do this), and have fun!