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Hidden gems for your playlists

Photo by Evie Touring | The Triangle

Even though almost every streaming platform offers some sort of “discover” feature, it can be hard to find new music that you ACTUALLY enjoy. Whether you’re sick of those playlists, tired of your rotation or just looking for something a little bit niche, here’s a list of songs from artists with under 500,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

Patience Etc…” – Caroline Loveglow (2022)

Opening her debut album “Strawberry,” “Patience Etc…” is an airy, distorted dream pop track similar to artists like Sea Lemon, George Clanton and Planet 1999. Much like the rest of her first album, “Patience Etc…” stands out through Loveglow’s soft yet powerful vocals and ambient soundscape production style.

CERBERUS” – Biking With Francis (2023)

Biking With Francis’s “CERBERUS” feels like a revival of the 2017-2019 indie pop/rap genre. Between their laid-back rap verses, the beat switch roughly halfway through the song and their catchy melody in the chorus, “CERBERUS” is the perfect song for a sunny day.

Wild Animals” – Liv.e (2023)

Working with artists like MIKE and Earl Sweatshirt, Liv.e’s solo work holds up just as much as the big names she’s worked with. “Wild Animals” is the perfect showcase of her experimental production style and contemporary neo-soul sound.

Letting Things Go” – Vulmon feat. Evangeline (2024)

With muted drums and retro keys, “Letting Things Go” is the perfect kind of simple: little instrumentation with quiet vocals and harmonies that highlight the main melody. Though a feature on the song, Evangeline’s vocal tone is light and captivating, a great song if you’re looking for something a little more mellow.

Cherish It” – Phantom Youth (2024)

Much like the rest of their discography, “Cherish It” is the epitome of modern shoegaze. Heavy reverb, space-like guitar and almost indiscernible vocals reference the artists spearheading the genre. “Cherish It” feels introspective, relaxed, and like a new take on shoegaze.

Favorite” – SOMOH (2024)

“Favorite” immediately grabs your attention through SOMOH’s layered bedroom-pop vocals and drums before leading into her energetic indie-rock chorus. Similar to artists like Hannah Cole and Boyish, SOMOH is able to contrast her delicate vocals with her 90s inspired rock instrumentation to create an addicting and unique indie pop song.

Still Hoverin’” – DOOM GONG (2023)

DOOM GONG’s whispery vocals, bubbly synths, and distorted guitar make “Still Hoverin’” a chill yet upbeat summer-esque song. Describing themselves as “denim psych,” the atmospheric production and catchy drums of “Still Hoverin’” have kept this song in my rotation for the past year.

BBIDGI” – The Army, The Navy (2024)

Though there are many different aspects of “BBIDGI” that speak to the talent of The Army, The Navy, their unpredictable yet satisfying harmonies have to be the top three. With other hits on TikTok like “Vienna (In Memoriam)” and “Persimmon,” the addictiveness of “BBIDGI” is unsurprising.

See Ya There” – Genesis Owusu (2023)

“See Ya There” is a smooth, low-tempo indie-soul track with a funky bassline and watery, distorted guitar. With the success of his first album “Smiling with No Teeth,” it’s hard to believe that Genesis Owusu has just under 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

One On One (Remix)” – Micah Dailey-White feat. Headband Henny and Mickey Doo (2023)

If you’re looking for a high-energy dance track, “One On One (Remix)” is the perfect song. With an electronic drum beat and captivating melody broken up by rap verses, the two features make it the perfect song to add to your pregame/getting-ready playlist.

Crush” – Unflirt (2020)

Soft drums, vocals, and guitar make up Unflirt’s dreamy bedroom pop song “Crush.” Bittersweet lyrics accompanied by a quiet guitar solo tell the story of having a potentially unrequited crush and all of the sad yet yearning feelings that come with it. 

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