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Fashion Firsts

For as long as I can remember, fashion has always been part of my life. There was never an ounce of doubt or question as to what I would like to study in college, and Drexel sat at the top of my list because of its unique design and merchandising program. Currently a sophomore in the D&M program, I am interning for stylist Amy Salinger as I wait for the co-op process to begin. When the opportunity arose to attend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City with Salinger, it was a thrilling first glimpse into my future of working in the fashion industry.

As I stood waiting outside of the Lincoln Center for my boss, I had the chance to observe the eclectic styles that stood around me. This was my first fashion show at the Lincoln Center, so I was anxious to see what awaited me on top of the stacked steps and through the glass doors. As I observed my surroundings, it was evident that the snowstorm did not stop these fashion-enthusiasts from strutting around in their high heels. I, on the other hand, was perfectly happy in my Vince Camuto booties.

Just as my hands started to become numb from the cold winter day, I saw my boss walking toward me in the distance. She was impossible to miss with her strutting in massive black fur boots. They were almost as outrageous and bold as her personality. I had been working with Salinger for the past couple months. As a successful stylist, the opportunity to attend fashion week comes easily for her. When she invited me as her guest to attend a few shows, I was beyond thankful for the opportunity. As we approached the doors to enter this exciting, unknown fashion world I had longed for, photographers kept stopping Salinger, asking to take pictures of her.

The first show on our itinerary was Jill Stuart at 11 a.m. Of course, the shows never run on time, but the designers are each given about an hour until they have to be finished. As I took my seat, my eyes darted to the front row, curious to see any famous faces. Right away I spotted America’s Next Top Model judge and notable photographer Nigel Barker. Also seated in the front row, which photographers seemed to adore, was Zoe Kravitz. After observing the many familiar faces, the music began to play, leaving me mesmerized in the collection. Black, red and burgundy filled the runway for Stuart’s fall 2013 collection. Beautiful floral pieces, lace frocks, striped dresses and suits reflected a flirty and playful collection.

The next show we attended was Son Jung Wan. The vibe of this show was completely different than the previous. The lights were dimmed, reflecting a purple ambience. Salinger and I were seated in the second row, a couple feet away from actress Brooke Shields. This collection was luxurious and lavish, constructed with intricate fur detailing.

My favorite presentation of the day was Rafael Cennamo’s fall 2013 couture collection. Seeing the golden gowns up close gave viewers the opportunity to see the intricate details of each piece. This collection was called “21 Shades of Gold,” and it screamed elegance, drama and beauty. Each piece was highly textured, draped and crafted to perfection. The golden glamour of this collection was by far my favorite. It was an incredible experience to see the hard work of Cennamo up close.

Once the day started to wind down, I was left feeling inspired and excited about the future. Being surrounded by such creative individuals truly widened and reignited my enthusiasm for fashion. As I exited the glass doors of the Lincoln Center, I felt co­­­­­­­nfident that I would be back one day.