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Emily VanCamp discusses role in “Captain America: Civil War”

“Captain America: Civil War” comes out May 6. Many fans are crazy with excitement as the release day approaches. Marvel hasn’t revealed much about what the movie will entail. I was able to get an interview with actress Emily VanCamp who recounted her experience about being on set and working with the rest of the cast members.

VanCamp plays Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) in the franchise and the last we see of her is that she has joined the CIA at the end of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” We are reintroduced to Agent 13 at Peggy Carter’s funeral where Steve finds out who she is. Sharon Carter feels an obligation to be loyal to Steve. That’s where the Accords come in because she starts feeding him information she isn’t supposed to. Steve and Sharon’s connection strengthens once he learns of her relationship with Peggy. This is a turning point for Sharon’s life as she is faced with some tough decisions.

In preparation for the film, VanCamp extensively researched about her character which allowed her to really understand Sharon Carter. Her experience from the television show “Revenge” helped her with the movie’s fight scenes, but surprisingly the movie was less intense than the television show. The movie was such a huge undertaking that it was very rare for VanCamp to see anyone in the cast– the cast was spread out all over the set and many of the scenes were filmed simultaneously. VanCamp plays a strong female character in this movie who is able to inspire many women across the country to step up.

A lot of fans have been picking sides between “Team Captain America” and “Team Iron Man.” I was able to ask VanCamp what side she would choose apart from her character.

“I have such an attachment to Sharon and her loyalty to Steve and Captain, I just feel that I sort of agree with him,” commented VanCamp. “It’s tough, though, because to have superheroes running around, without any sort of monitoring, it does seem wild and crazy. But I really see both sides. It’s kind of hard to, even watching the movie, it’s hard to see the Avengers going at each other. But you really do see the right and wrong of both sides. It’s a tough one, but just because of my attachment to the character I’d probably go Team Cap.”

“Captain America: Civil War” is a much awaited, high-production-quality movie. People who have seen the other movies in this series and want to follow the saga or those who are new to the Marvel Universe both should go see it.