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New IPA ‘The Illinois’ pays homage to architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Architecture, I think, isn’t one of those subjects you really get into when you’re drinking. Unless you’re an architect, in which case it is actually…
8 years ago • By
Popular craft brewery Lagunitas offers solid IPA
In Philadelphia, we frequently bemoan antiquated liquor laws which force separate points of sale for beer, wine and liquor. Beer cannot be sold in grocery…
8 years ago • By
Hopfish’s Flying Fish IPA strikes good balance
October is here, and with it sweaters, earthy colors, cool breezes, long walks with your significant other to see the fall colors and of course…
8 years ago • By
Philly’s Yards Brewing Co. offers clean, drinkable brew
Philadelphia has a thriving beer scene, and is home to numerous local breweries like Victory Brewing Co., Flying Fish Brewery and Yards Brewing Co. For…
9 years ago • By
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