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“Anyone But You” – A charming new rom-com for your inner romantic

Photo by Anyone But You | Sony Pictures

“Anyone But You,” is a new romantic comedy that has taken social media by storm.  

The film’s plot is based on William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” and throughout the film, there are nods to famous lines and plot points from the play. It all starts when Bea (Sydney Sweeney) — a carefree, quirky, but struggling law student — instantly hits it off with powerful, sarcastic-but-vulnerable finance clerk Ben (Glen Powell). After a brief falling out, the two reconnect months later during the wedding of Bea’s sister, Halle (Hadley Robinson) and Ben’s best friend, Claudia (Alexandra Shipp). Bea and Ben spend most of the duration of the movie pretending to be together to both ensure the happiness of the wedding party and to create envy in their respective exes, Jonathan (Darren Barnet), and Margaret (Charlee Fraser), who surprisingly show up in Australia for the ceremony. Of course, there are several obstacles in the couple’s way, which make faking a relationship difficult, but in the end, the two fall for each other in a not-so-fake way.  

Overall, the film played very well in the rom-com genre. While there were certainly a few scenes trending toward the more passionate/intimate end, what made the movie enjoyable was the heavy amount of comedic relief offered. Some of the classic movies thought of in this genre focus too heavily on the relationship between leading characters and not so much on the light-hearted entertainment that makes viewers smile and laugh. “Anyone But You” was an incredible example of how humor could turn what would otherwise be “cheesy,” “corny” or “predictable” (terms heard all too often when speaking of similar movies) into a satisfying tale that celebrates love.  

Aside from including this wonderful balance, “Anyone But You” displayed wonderfully made costumes and beautiful scenery. Because it was filmed in Sydney, Australia, watchers get gorgeous views of crystal blue waters, breathtaking mountains and even a few encounters with the unique creatures that can be found down under. The costumes added to the magic, as designers made wonderful (and realistic) choices that perfectly matched each character’s personality. Sweeney in particular can often be envied for the glamorous dresses and fashionable everyday wear she sports throughout the movie.  

Overall, “Anyone But You” showcased a talented cast and offered a refreshing new take on the rom-com. Chemistry and comedy combine to make this film a truly special adaptation of the Shakespeare original that makes the notion of finding love all the more believable.