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‘The Order’ is binge-worthy

Netflix released its newest teen fantasy show, “The Order,” and it is a must-binge. The show is the latest in a long series of shows about young college students knowingly walking into worlds of magic and danger. “The Order” goes so far as to add secrets, cults, killings, magic and even werewolves to the mix.

Jack Morton, our main character, grew up with a conspiracy theorist grandfather who raised him to hate his own father, Edward Coventry. Jack’s grandfather believes that Edward is the reason his mother is dead and is set on exacting revenge. As a result, Jack’s sole purpose is to get into the elite, preppy college Belgrave University to start on the murderous plan he and his uncle have spent their years grieving devising.

Jack goes to college and uncovers a secret society, the titular “Order” of people who practice magic to fight monsters and keep the balance between good and evil.

Within the show’s first two episodes, Jack witnesses two murders, gets accepted into The Order and turns into a werewolf. As it turns out, magical beings and werewolves don’t get along!

Now that the plot has thickened, Jack tries to juggle both his original assassination plot and a love interest, all while being a double agent for the werewolf society, The Knights of Saint Christopher.

This wouldn’t be an average college adventure without his friends and his complicated romance with higher standing Order girlfriend, Alyssa Drake. To make matters worse, Jack must avenge his mother and kill his father, Alyssa’s idol and the leader of the Order.

The thing that was slightly different from this show’s plot compared to the typical magical show is that the enemy was the leader within. As the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

From “The Order’s” first three episodes, it’s hard to really guess where the show is heading. The plot felt rushed a little, and in just 10 episodes, the conflict was resolved. I imagine the second season will have a whole new set of issues to deal with.

Luckily for the writers, they have built such a great world where more magical creatures can pop up and wreak havoc and more big fights against the forces of evil may occur. However, the finale falls flat completely when the plotline pulls a complete 180 in the last two minutes.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but it just will make you say “How could they?,” and leaves the door open for many more possibilities in the world.