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The One Weekend a Year

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like total sluts and no other girls can say  anything about it.” Considering the costumes worn at NOTO and Roar on Thursday and Friday of Halloweekend, I think I can confidently say this Mean Girls quote is every girl’s mantra. But we really like to change it from “one night” a year to “one week” a year. I mean, the holiday is really asking for a six-day bender if it decides to be on a Tuesday rather than a Friday. Some of our poor parents really think that us saying we’re going out on a Friday night for Halloween means trick-or-treating through our dorm halls with turtlenecks under our costumes but that’s just because those are the pictures we send to them before our costumes are completely transformed for the real night out. Speaking of costumes, can we please move away from the basic cops and prisoners, and school girls or men in black costumes next year? Before any of you (or probably all of you) who wore any of these costumes get salty, I did these exact ones too. As for the guys who dressed up in these types of costumes as well, we know you started off just listening to the girls in your friend group for costume ideas because you didn’t want to think of anything yourself, but ended up loving them more than we did; it’s time to admit it. 

Now getting back into clubbing for the weekend, I think we can all say it’s easy to decipher who the freshmen at the club versus the upperclassmen. See, the freshmen are the ones who go in wide-eyed at the time the club opens, while the upperclassmen are the ones who go in with their eyes half closed,  two hours after the event began, not even remembering how they got in. The only recollection they have is of the madhouse that occurs outside the entrance and feeling like they are Jason Kelce in the middle of the offensive line in an NFL game. But that’s just because their ankles are aching the next day from how many people stepped on them when trying to enter the club at the busy time. Halloween has really transformed from being scary because people are dressed up as clowns to being scary because we don’t remember the previous night since we… uh… ate too much candy… and got trampled.

Happy Halloween! See you in cops and prisoners outfits again next year :/