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Missed Connections and Drexel Confessions

Art by Eva Shnaiden

I left Drexel my freshman year but I had a huge crush on my RA

I am addicted to hotdogs. This isn’t a joke, I’m actually really scared. 

I sneak into Hans once a week. 

I’m having the hottest girl summer ever; I am running through men like Tomb Raider.

Someone who sits in front of me in class smells so horrendous but they are so beautiful.

I touched Ecco2k’s hands.

I see my ex everywhere and honestly he fell off.

I can’t stop stealing eyeliner from CVS.

I find it insufferable when Prod majors speak. 

I don’t know what hyperpop is but I feel like it’s too late to ask.

I “illegally” lived in UCross for four months and snuck in and out via moving cart.

One night I forgot to lock the door of my dorm in Race, and I think someone drunkenly thought it was their room and came in. They took a shower and left a bunch of trash and a pair of shoes (my roommates were all asleep when this happened). Who were you? I’m sorry you never got your shoes back.

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