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Drexel unveils new station at 30th Street | The Triangle

Drexel unveils new station at 30th Street

Photo by Evie Touring | The Triangle

On April 8, Drexel University celebrated the official reopening of the upgraded and renamed Drexel Station at 30th Street, located at 3000 Market Street. Transit officials and university representatives, including President John Fry, attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking a milestone in Drexel’s efforts to increase its presence in University City.

The station serves as a vital travel center catering to students, faculty, professionals and community members. Drexel secured exclusive naming rights to the station last year, followed by comprehensive renovations. Upon arrival at the 30th Street Station, guests will be met with Drexel University branding and promotional displays. Upgrades include new signage, digital displays, elevators, escalators, stairs, as well as improved lighting and safety features; designed to ensure a seamless and accessible commuting experience.

It was also announced at the ceremony that Drexel Station is going to serve as the launchpad for SEPTA’s new Metro Wayfinding initiative. This initiative redesigns SEPTA’s language and signs to be more inclusive and accessible, utilizing colors, shapes, letters and numbers to create a system that can be universally understood. For instance, SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line, previously known as the MFL, will now be officially labeled as the “L,” simplifying the signage in and around stations.

Tracy Powell, senior vice president of University Marketing & Communications, emphasized the importance of the agreement with SEPTA in advancing Drexel’s marketing objectives. 

“Strategic investments that elevate Drexel’s brand and association with University City’s innovation district are a critical piece of the University’s marketing as we focus on growing enrollment, research and partnerships in order to better position Drexel for the future,” said Powell. 

This marketing push can also be seen through initiatives like Schuylkill Yards, a mixed-use development project led by Drexel in collaboration with Brandywine Realty Trust. 

Drexel’s partnership with SEPTA extends beyond the renaming agreement, encompassing various research projects, educational programs and community engagement initiatives. From ensuring safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic to studying public transit perceptions, the collaboration between Drexel and SEPTA continues to highlight a shared commitment to serving the community.