Partnership with SEPTA will unveil Drexel Station at 30th Street | The Triangle

Partnership with SEPTA will unveil Drexel Station at 30th Street

Photo by Tasnim Taifa | The Triangle

In the past few years, SEPTA has collaborated with institutions like Penn Medicine and Jefferson Health to rename several of its stations. Upcoming, such transformation is set for the 30th Street subway station, which will soon be known as Drexel Station at 30th Street.

According to SEPTA’s public information manager, John Golden, this change is the result of a substantial deal with Drexel, encompassing five years of naming rights under a 3.5 million dollar deal. The partnership signifies both a financial boost for SEPTA and an increasing trend of institutional collaborations with public transit. 

Situated along SEPTA’s Market-Frankford line, the 30th Street subway station holds a pivotal role, described as “a gateway to both Center City and University City.” 

The station also serves as an access point for trolley routes and bus services, making it a central hub in Philadelphia’s extensive public transportation network.

The station has been undergoing renovations since 2020. Key improvements include the installation of a new head house, better elevators for enhanced accessibility, improved lighting and the implementation of advanced safety features. With these changes, SEPTA hopes to elevate the overall commuter experience. 

Paired with the neighboring Drexel Square, Drexel Station at 30th Street is set to welcome commuters to Schuylkill Yards. This district is a collaborative venture between Drexel University and Brandywine Realty Trust, embodying a 3.5 billion dollar investment that began with the opening of Drexel Square in 2019.

Drexel University President John Fry stated, “We’re so proud to partner with SEPTA to put Drexel University’s name on the station that serves as the gateway for so many of our students, faculty, professional staff, and community partners as they arrive on campus. As new educational, research, and business development opportunities continue to grow in West Philadelphia – it is fitting for Drexel to welcome everyone to University City.”

The new and improved station is expected to be officially unveiled with a ribbon-cutting ceremony this year.