Drexel College of Medicine, Reading Hospital launch Cystic Fibrosis clinic | The Triangle

Drexel College of Medicine, Reading Hospital launch Cystic Fibrosis clinic

The Drexel College of Medicine Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center will open a new clinic in April in collaboration with Reading Hospital Tower Health.

The clinic will be located in West Reading, making it the first adult cystic fibrosis clinic in Berks County.

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that inhibits the function of a protein, causing a buildup of mucus that leads to respiratory failure, infections and inflammations. The clinic will treat CF patients with a multidisciplinary initiative, combining the knowledge and expertise of Drexel Medicine and Reading Hospital physicians to make referrals. From the clinic, patients could go on to services such as nutrition, respiratory therapy, otolaryngology and respiratory therapy to receive more specific treatment.

Not only will this clinic provide current methods of CF diagnosis and treatment, but it will also be home to research and clinical trials, bringing new options in for patients..

In the past, Drexel’s Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center has researched protein function restoration, anti-inflammatory compounds and anti-infective compounds among other topics, and has participated in clinical trials for a variety of medications. Current research focuses on an antibiotic treatment that patients can inhale to treat the growth of a certain harmful bacterium.

“Reading Hospital is proud to provide this great new service for the community that is made possible through our ongoing relationship with Drexel,” William M. Jennings, the president and CEO of Reading Hospital, told the Reading Eagle.

Drexel has collaborated with Tower Health before; they recently finalized plans to build a branch of Drexel’s medical school near Reading Hospital, signing a 20-year academic agreement.

According to the Reading Eagle, this new clinic will have a positive impact on the Reading community, going beyond the patients’ fundamental health to help them lead more active lives.