Street style: Ignacio de Socarraz-Novoa | The Triangle

Street style: Ignacio de Socarraz-Novoa

Photo by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman
Photo by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Ignacio de Socarraz-Novoa, sophomore, mechanical engineering

Wearing: H&M top, Cotton On sweater and pants, Urban Outfitter jacket, and Vans shoes

The Triangle: Since moving from Miami to Philadelphia, do you think your style has changed?

Ignacio de Socarraz-Novoa: Yea, I think my style has changed quite a bit. Mostly because of the weather; in Miami it’s too hot most of the year to wear sweaters and pants, let alone jackets. Here, it gets cold so I can layer and wear more clothes.

TT: Because you are in the engineering field do you think it influences the way you dress in anyway?

IN: I don’t think being in an engineering field affects the way I dress. I think a lot of people dress similarly despite being in different majors.

TT: Where are your favorite places to shop?

IN: My favorite places to shop are Cotton On, H&M and Urban Outfitters.

TT: If you had an unlimited budget and could only buy one thing what would it be?

IN: Probably the Kahawa Leather Biker jacket from All Saints. I feel like that would be a good investment because it’s a classic.