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Pack This, Not That: Music Festivals

As the sun comes out, the season of music festivals finally begins. We sifted through all our flower crowns, fringe and neon tutus to bring you a concise report on concert essentials. Prepare yourself with this smart list of what to and not to bring to your next outdoor concert.


A refillable water bottle is a must for every outdoor concert, especially one that lasts all day. Staying hydrated will keep you energized and having fun, not to mention having a refillable water bottle avoids the hassle of purchasing multiple plastic ones.

Consider throwing on a brimmed hat to complete your outfit and give your face some shade. My personal favorite style is the black boater hat.

A lightweight scarf will serve as an accessory and a makeshift blanket to lie on. It’s the perfect solution for packing light and avoiding the prickly grass.

All-day exposure to the sun calls for a healthy dose of sunscreen. Try Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen to avoid that greasy feeling and unpleasant shine. Be sure to reapply throughout the day.

A simple, but essential hair tie is necessary for all who have long locks. A low ponytail or braided bun are both easy ways to get your hair out of your face and keep you cool.

It’s important to feel and stay fresh all day. Bring hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes to quickly and easily remove any mess from your hands. Bath & Body Work’s PocketBacs or Purell’s Travel Hand Sanitizing Wipes are the perfect size to fit in your small purse.


We all love our wedges and heels, but they are definitely not festival friendly. Not only will you ruin your favorite shoes, your heels will get stuck in the dirt making it impossible to keep up with your friends.

Stay minimal and avoid heavy metal jewelry. Metal necklaces have been known to irritate the neck, especially if it is hot enough. Save yourself the trouble and wear your daintier accessories.

Unless you are there to specifically photograph the event, leave your DSLRs  at home. We all love to document our lives in high definition, but keep your camera unharmed and opt for a smaller digital camera that day.

Don’t bring your designer sunglasses to the event. We promise that the inexpensive ones from Forever 21 will still shield your eyes from the sun and not leave you with regret when they break or get lost.

A large purse will only hinder you and give you one more thing to worry about losing. While you may be tempted to carry everything you might need with you, condense to the essentials and you will be fine. If you are going with a group of friends, split up the responsibilities.