Labor Day outfit do’s and don’ts | The Triangle

Labor Day outfit do’s and don’ts

With Labor Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan the perfect outfit for whatever you might be doing that day. Whether it is a picnic, beach day or a barbeque, make sure you dress to impress.


-Wear white clothing or accessories. After all, it is technically the last time it’s acceptable to wear this color. Rules are rules!

-Prepare yourself for a sad farewell to summer with a bright floral or patterned print.

-Throw on your favorite pair of sunnies. Ultraviolet ray-filtering sunglasses with polarized lenses are my favorite right now.

-Always be ready for a fun outdoor game or activity with comfortable sandals.

-Now that the summer is ending, make sure to check the weather forecast in order to plan your outfit accordingly. A good tip is to always pack some layers in case the weather is colder than expected. Try a light wash denim jacket!


-We all love wearing our wedges, but depending on what you have planned, there may be lots of running around. Ditch the heels and keep it casual by wearing a pair of sandals or simple white Converse shoes.

-A small purse or crossbody may be ideal for many events, but not on Labor Day. You may need to bring food, towels or other needs with you, depending how you plan to spend your day off! Try a large tote bag to hold all your necessities.

-Don’t pack any unnecessary or heavy jewelry. It will be uncomfortable to wear in the hot sun. Instead, try a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.