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Black Friday Gifting Guide | The Triangle

Black Friday Gifting Guide

The holidays can be a stressful time for the typical college student. Of course, you want to shower your friends and family with gifts, but you want to do so without sacrificing your entire bank account. That is why they invented Black Friday. The deals this year are going to be bigger than ever. Don’t know what to get for that special someone? This gift guide will not only give you some insight on what to get, but it will also help you save.

Girls are hard to buy for, but there are certain things that never fail to impress. Don’t know what to get your girlfriend, mother or sister? Bath and Body Works is the place to go. With their Buy 3, Get 2 Free deal, you have the ability to shower your girls with lotions, shower gel, perfume, soaps and candles all for under $50. Think about it: You now have five amazingly scented gifts for under $50. Another thing you could not possibly go wrong with is a Sephora gift card. Every girl loves to be pampered, and there is no such thing as having too much makeup or nail polish.

Guys can generally be categorized into two different groups for the sake of gifting: sporty and artsy. For the sporty guys, get them a T-shirt or hat from their favorite team. Dick’s Sporting Goods is going big with its Black Friday deals this year. You can save on apparel, games and even sports equipment. For all the artsy guys out there, you need to stop by Urban Outfitters. During this 2013 season, you can shop all men’s gifts for under $50. Why not get your boy a nice striped-band Timex Weekender watch or even a Burton Trope Beanie. You can’t go wrong with a nice, warm pair of North Face E-Tip gloves that allow you to use a touch screen and wear gloves at the same time.

Searching for a gender-neutral gift? Go with some winter accessories for the cold. Earmuffs, scarves, warm socks or even flannel pajamas. All of these things can be purchased at the one and only Target. Get there early on Black Friday and save big. You will not regret it.

No matter what gift you give, at the end of the day it is the thought that counts. Can’t spend that extra $100 this holiday season? Make it yourself! Write a letter, draw a picture, and tell them how much you appreciate them. It’s the time for giving, so give and spread love. Happy holidays and happy gifting!