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Five tips to land a fashion internship

Thousands of college students apply for internships in the fashion industry every year, whether it’s at an in-house brand, a magazine, a public relations company or other organization. However, landing an internship role in the fashion industry has become increasingly competitive over the past few years.

Those who are hoping to work in the fashion industry after graduation understand the importance of having work experience in order to have a competitive edge, especially in such an ambitious industry. By following these five tips to land an internship, you’ll find yourself receiving numerous internship offers from various companies!

1. Do your research

Every company has a story behind its brand, and it is important for you to research as much information as possible about the company before even applying for an internship. By doing your research, you will have a better sense of the company and understand their mission and direction. Plus, if you use the information you learned during your interview, you are sure to impress the employer.

2. Individualize your cover letters

The cover letter is a short and brief letter that includes your contact information, why you want to work at the company and why you believe the company should hire you. In addition, the cover letter should provide the company with an idea of your personality and work ethic. Writing a good cover letter is one of the hardest skills to master when it comes to applying for jobs since the letter has to be brief (keep it one page), to the point, creative, professional and personal.

3. Clean up your resume

Your resume is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of paperwork when it comes to applying for jobs and internships. It’s essentially information about you, your education, skills and work experience all on one piece of paper. Your resume provides the employer with an idea of whether you are a qualified candidate to work at their company, so it is important that you make your resume as clear as possible. You can do this by maintaining a well-designed template, by having three to five bullet points under each of your work experiences describing your role at each respective job, and most importantly by limiting your resume one page, since most employers don’t even look at the second page.

4. Dress to impress

Once you’ve landed an interview with the company, congratulations! However, the journey is not entirely over yet. The interview is one of the most important steps throughout the job application process, since you have the chance to meet with your potential employer face to face. In order to make a good first impression, it is not only important to show your personal style in your interview outfit but also to maintain a professional look in order to impress the interviewer.

5. Always keep in touch

Once you have nailed your interview, it is essential to keep in touch with your contact from the company. This is because they can potentially become part of your future network, and they can possibly help you connect with other companies in the fashion industry in the future.