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Fall beauty trends

It’s officially fall and I couldn’t be any happier! You probably have your new wardrobe ready to go, but have you thought about revamping your beauty routine? Well, stop thinking and just do it.

It’s cool to switch it up sometimes. It’ll help you stand out from the crowd. Don’t know what to do differently? Not a problem. We’ll help you nail down some runway trends so you can ace your new look this fall.

Glitter Everything

From Christian Dior to Dolce & Gabbana, it’s clear that glitter has taken over every part of the face this season. It’s found on the eyes, lips, cheeks and even eyebrows. There are no limits!

Pick a bright color and pack it on your eyes with a damp brush or match the glitter to your lipstick. Wear this for a night out with your friends.

Mirror Nails

Many overlook the nails when it comes to beauty, but the runway reminds us every time that manicures are not to be overlooked.

Mirror nails, along with every other nail trend, show that nails can have fun too. This trend seems to be all the rage this season.

Get this look by using chrome nail polish or a metallic nail wrap. Maybe when you’re done, you’ll be able to see your glitter makeup in your fingers.

Stained Lips

Understated. Effortless. Natural. These are the three words that sum up this trend.

Having lips stained from a rich lipstick gives you a modern look, and it’s just as cool as your typical dark lip.

Swipe a rosy pink or purple lipstick heavily on. Wipe it off until it appears to look faded and stained. Makeup in under five minutes is always a plus.

Ornate Headpieces

Get your Blair Waldorf on with a decorative headpiece. From headbands to clips, your hair will surely stand out.

Bright colors just won’t do it this time. Pair the ornate piece with messy and disheveled hair. It will definitely keep your look modern.

These four looks are just some of the fall beauty trends. Shake your everyday look up and we promise heads will turn when you walk in the room.