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DIY: Wooden coaster

Photo by Jennifer Lam
Photo by Jennifer Lam

Interesting and fun coasters make great gifts or details in your apartment. Try this easy and quick project to up-cycle tree rounds and transform them into a new quirky addition to your home. You can also make them personalized as a unique gift for friends and family.


  • Tree rounds (about 4-6 inches in diameter
  • Wood-burning pen
  • Decoupage glue
  • Sponge brush


  1. When you first receive your tree rounds, dry them out for three to five days. Place them under weights or a stack of books to make sure that they don’t rise and crack.
  2. After the wood is thoroughly dried, practice drawing your designs with the wood burner to get used to how you want your designs to look. The slower you draw, the darker the design will turn out.
  3. Draw your designs out on paper first, or with pencil on the tree round. Simple repetitive designs tend to turn out the best.
  4. Use your wood-burning pen to trace the pencil lines carefully.
  5. Use your sponge brush to brush glue evenly onto the tree round. Wait for one side to dry before painting the other side.
  6. Paint two or three layers to seal the wood, and enjoy!