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DIY Picture Frame

DIYFrame_WebThis week, skip the mushy Valentine’s Day gifts (except chocolate, of course) and give yourself a little tender loving care with an original picture frame that you can decorate yourself. Not only is this project simple to complete, but each frame can be uniquely decorated using everyday objects such as trinkets, small figurines, beads and shells. Whether it is themed to match your home decor or just a random arrangement of bits and bobs, this picture frame will bring big personality into any room.

Materials: Picture frame, clear multi-purpose adhesive (or hot glue), spray paint and small toys or trinkets.


First, arrange the decorations on the picture frame, placing the largest objects down first and then filling the rest of the empty space with other trinkets of various sizes. Once satisfied, glue each item onto the picture frame and allow the glue to dry completely. When the glue is dry, place the frame on a piece of cloth or newspaper. Cover it entirely with a coat of spray paint. For optimal results, spray thin layers of paint and allow the paint to dry before building up a second layer.