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DIY Floating Illusion Necklace


What is bolder and takes less effort to make than a statement necklace? This essential piece can dress up any simple outfit and add the perfect amount of personalization. With just a few statement necklaces, you can bring new life into your closet without breaking a sweat, or more importantly, breaking the bank. Taking this idea to a whole new level, here are steps to create your very own floating illusion necklace. This simple do-it-yourself project puts a funky twist on the trendy statement necklace.

The few supplies you will need are scissors, glue, rhinestones, ribbon and tulle (matched to your skin tone). To begin, trace a bib necklace or the collar of a shirt onto a piece of paper to create a pattern. Use this pattern to cut your tulle to the desired shape. Arrange rhinestones to your liking and glue them to the tulle fabric. Before allowing the glue to dry, gently flip the bib necklace so that the rhinestones lie on a flat surface. This ensures that the necklace will not stick to your work surface. While waiting for the glue to dry, measure and cut two 6-inch pieces of ribbon. After the glue has dried, flip the necklace back over and glue ribbons onto opposite sides of the bib, using a rhinestone to secure the ribbons in place. After the necklace is completely dry, flaunt your new DIY jewelry by pairing it with any simplistic outfit. Enjoy!