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DIY: Choker | The Triangle

DIY: Choker

Photo by Jennifer Lam
Photo by Jennifer Lam

Take one look around, and there is no denying that the ’90s are back! From the ever-popular crop top, jelly shoes and halter, a selective few of the decade old fads are making a big return to the fashion world. Based on a quick glimpse of my Etsy shopping cart, there is one clear ’90s trend ruling my world right now: choker necklaces. And while we used to live in a beautiful world where throwing a quarter into one of those prize vending machines could spit out a black (or neon rainbow) tattoo choker, life just isn’t as simple as the ’90s anymore.

After hours of research and finagling with black elastic, I surrendered to the fact that it would take me at least another week before I could conquer the tattoo choker. Save yourself the time, and use these three lazy-girl ways to start rocking the choker again today!

Materials: Old black cord necklaces, charms and beads, ribbon, ribbon clamps, jewelry clasps, old wristlet, scissors

The first and by far quickest method to making your own choker necklace is to dismantle an old wristlet. Surprisingly, the measurements used to comfortably hold the wristlet are almost the perfect measurements for the neck. The most important tip for this method is to make sure your new choker fits comfortably on the neck. Carefully cut and separate the strap from the wristlet itself. Be sure to keep the clasp on. Adorn your new choker with a charm to personalize it, or wear it with the clasp in the front and rock both the choker and hardware trend for the fall.

This second method is if you have a little more time and some old black cord necklaces to spare. Take your black cord necklace and string your desired beads on. To quickly shorten the necklace without too much hassle, simply tie a few knots. I personally tied the knots close to the beads in order to secure them as well as add to the grunge aesthetic.

This last method is more time-consuming, but just as easy. Create a plain solid color ribbon choker to match with every outfit. I interchanged different brooches and pins to match each of my outfits easily. First, measure and cut your ribbon or lace into a 13-inch strip (adjust measurements as needed). Place on any charms or beads at this time. To ensure that the ribbon does not fray, use ribbon clamps at the ends of the strip and connect to your clasp. Now go out and show off your ’90s pride by rocking your brand new choker!