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Beauty How To: Concealer

Photo by Gabrielle Belcheff
Photo by Gabrielle Belcheff


Okay, so there is no one correct way when it comes to your personal look, but there can be ways to improve what you already know! We all have those days where we didn’t get enough sleep and our eyes really show it. The go to product for under eye problems is of course concealer, but concealer is much more than that. By applying your concealer using the following method, you can add even more brightness and glow to your look!

1. Apply foundation first! Otherwise, you’ll blend your concealer away.

2. Take a concealer (about 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation) and apply it in the shape of an upside down triangle, angling it down and towards your nose.

3. Blend in with your favorite brush or just use your fingers!

4. Continue your makeup routine as you normally would and look as fabulous as usual!