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Inside Her Bag

In Her Bag


Rachael Freese, junior design and merchandising student, emptied out the contents of her purse for us to take a look inside at her daily essentials. Freese said that she wears a small, studded H&M bag because it fits more than just her wallet and “it’s over the shoulder, so it feels safe walking around the city.”

  • Icebreaker sours that she keeps with her as a pick-me-up after a long day; when she is feeling tired she pops one in and the sour wakes her up.
  • DKNY wallet, which she bought to match a separate larger purse, but uses with various bags. She loves it because it matches everything and has a lot of functions.
  • Emergency go bag: The little silver zip-up is filled with nail polish remover, hairspray, Advil, deodorant, breath mint drops, tampons, a nail file, clear nail polish and chapstick. “The bag has everything you could ever need on the go or in an emergency!”
  • Ahava Hand Lotion: it is unscented and made out of Dead Sea minerals, so does not burn her eczema.
  • In her purse she makes sure to have her trendy Ralph Lauren glasses, a back-up contact case and contact solution with her at all times, in case something happens to the contacts she is wearing.
  • She loves Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume and carries the roller around with her. “It is light and it smells fresh, clean and floral. It is feminine and if you put on the right amount can be intriguing, not overbearing!”
  • Bad Gal Lash mini mascara in black, which she started using recently as a free gift with a purchase. “It works pretty well and it’s not too clumpy.”
  • A pot concealer by Time Balm in Light for daytime, nighttime and bedtime. She keeps it with her because it is thick but not tacky and easy to apply on the go.
  • Smith’s Rose Bud South chapstick is with her at all times. It used to be sold as Neosporin. It contains Vaseline, petroleum jelly and rose oil in it. “I like it because it smells good with a light rose scent and keeps the moisture in my lips.”
  • Along with her other lip products, she always keeps Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Petal with her. It is a tinted moisturizer but it is good for adding a bit of color quickly. “If you need to dress up really quick or look nice, it’s enough color to not be overpowering.”