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’90s Trends are making a comeback

Each season there are always a few recurring trends that make everyone go crazy. This summer is no different.

Out of all the decades, the ’90s seem to be the front-runner for influence in today’s fashion trends. We see the era’s influence without fail every season. The driving force behind ’90s fashion success was definitely its “too cool to care” attitude. The era was all about rebellion, and it reflected in the clothes of models, celebrities and everyday teens. Almost 20 years after the ’90s era we still can’t get enough of the fashions.

If you wore your hair up with your outfit in the ’90s, chances are your hair tie was big, ruffled and matched your outfit. Scrunchies were the go-to hair accessory back then. Although they aren’t as widely used today, some fashionistas still sport the snazzy hair accessory. As a two for one, if you don’t wear the scrunchie in your hair, there are no rules that state that you can’t wear it as a bracelet.

Last summer, chokers made their way back onto the necks of young people everywhere. What changed? Why did they make their way back? It was a slight stylistic adjustment.  Everyone was getting pretty tired of the plastic tattoo choker. In 2015, chokers came back with a bolder, heavier look.  Now, regardless of your style or taste you can find a choker to match your outfit. Hang up that plastic tattoo choker and pick up a velvet or bejeweled one. Even if you only have one choker, it will work well with anything in your closet, regardless of how dressy or casual.

In the ’90s, it was common to see bare midriffs everywhere. Why? Crop tops were major. Another midriff baring top that was major — tube tops! You can’t deny that you always wanted one, and if you did have one, you probably tried to wear it every chance you got. Now that you don’t have to ask mom and dad for permission to wear tube tops, knock yourself out! If you weren’t sure what you were going to pair your choker with, the tube top is your answer.

If you’ve always wanted to channel Kate Moss in a slip dress, now is your time. The slip dress is no longer reserved for evening-only events. Go on and layer it over t-shirts or pants, wear it long or short, with sneakers or with boots. The style possibilities are endless. The best part of rocking a slip dress this season is it’s perfect for the brutal heat we’re experiencing.

A pair of jeans in the ’90s was high-waisted, featured a ton of rips and frays and usually had wide-legs. Jeans with frayed hems were a staple for the ’90s grunge scene. Bloggers and celebrities have shown us that even if grunge isn’t our style, we can still pull off these denim trends with a great pair or summer sandals or sneakers.

The mom jean is the most sacred of all things high-waisted. If the weather makes you think twice about wearing jeans but you love the “mom” cut, don’t sweat it because mom shorts are totally a thing. Pair them with your new tube top or that off the shoulder top you bought last season.

There’s a great deal of ’90s trends we wish we could forget and hope never come back. We’re happy to see the best of the best make their way onto the fashion scene and onto our Instagram feeds. When you try these ’90s trends, don’t forgot your ’90s attitude!