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Phillies unable to come back from Harper injury


The Philadelphia Phillies’ Bryce Harper darts toward third base on a J.T. Realmuto single against the Miami Marlins on June 30, 2019, at Marlins Park in Miami. (Daniel A. Varela/Miami Herald/TNS)

This week, two Texan teams, the Houston Astros and the Dallas Cowboys, secured major wins. The Astros secured their spot in the 2019 World Series against National League champions — the Washington Nationals. And to the upset of many local Eagles fans, long- time rival Cowboys beat Philadelphia, 10-37, at the AT&T Stadium in Texas Oct. 20.

The seven-game World Series is set to continue until the end of October. This is the first series for Washington, since defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers, a fan-favorite, back in 2017.

Though the Philadelphia Phillies fought hard, ending the season with 81 wins and 81 losses, they did not advance to the series as many fans had predicted earlier in the season.

Many were hoping for them to be back in the baseball championships, hopefully taking home the win like in 1980 and 2008. Former Washington Nationals Right Fielder and current Phillies Right Fielder Bryce Harper entered this season strong, but after being injured in March, Phillies’ game declined.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, the Eagles received the opening kickoff but were lagging behind soon after. Philadelphia’s defense has been on a steady decline, according to CBS Sports highlights. By halftime, it was clear that the Eagles were not on top of their game, heading into the second half, with Dallas dominating 27-7.

That last game pushed the Texan team to the top of the NFC East division, though the Eagles remain second. The Birds are set to rematch with the Cowboys Dec. 22 in Philadelphia.