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Intramural beach volleyball kicks off season with intense gameplay

Photo by Victoria Harrigan | The Triangle

Drexel’s intramural beach volleyball teams started their season at the Buckley sand courts on Monday, July 10. Ten different teams played a mix of 2v2, 2v2 Co-Rec and 4v4 matches. Who exactly was taking a winning title home was unclear as there were many new, unseen faces on the courts.

This year players got creative with team titles, with “Team Sunscreen,” “Beans and Rice,” “Alternative Hypothesis” and a personal favorite, “Yahboiabowtuexplote” all making an appearance. The team names may be fun and games, but the players were certainly there for some serious volleying.

Team Sunscreen was up first against Team Rocket in their 2v2 match. The first set was a bumpy ride for Rocket and more of a breeze for Sunscreen as the match ended 21-6. Team Rocket was determined to show Sunscreen they had the fight in them in the second set. However, Sunscreen unforgivingly snagged the win again 21-11. You have to give credit to Team Rocket, though; they tirelessly attempted dig after dig to spare another point to their opponent.

While Sunscreen and Rocket played, teams Beans and Rice and Timone Time also held their own 2v2 match on the neighboring court. In the first set, Beans made it clear who was boss as they sent killer spikes over the net one after another. Timone Time would not settle for less, responding to Beans’ spikes by fearlessly attempting a block every single time. Beans ultimately won the first set 21-3.

In the second set, Timone Time had a glimpse of hope when Beans started the match off handing over points to their opponent. But with more communication and focus, it is safe to say that Beans came back even more unmerciful than ever, completing digs to save the ball, sending killer spikes into Timone Time’s turf and blocking their opponent’s efforts to secure any points. Beans won the second set 21-6.

Alternative Hypothesis and the “Murphs”, consisting of players Jack Murphy and Sarah Murphy, played in a 2v2 Co-Rec match after Team Sunscreen and Beans and Rice secured their wins. The Murphs started the first set in the lead, however, faced an uphill battle as Alternative Hypothesis was just two points behind. Mid set, Alternative Hypothesis turned the tables 180 degrees, tying them 11-11 and consecutively securing the advantage next point. Alternative Hypothesis remained in the lead in the first set and won 21-15.

The Murphs needed to step up their game if they wanted a chance at winning, and so they did. Coming in hot, the Murphs were in the lead second set 4-0 before Alternative Hypothesis could squeeze in a point of their own. The Murphs were there to play, and play well, proving they were determined to win by sending over nasty spikes.

Just as determined as the Murphs, Alternative Hypothesis tied the set again 9-9, and then secured another point, giving them the lead. At this point they had a good chance of winning the entire match. Unlike the last set, though, the Murphs came back and tied it 12-12, then slammed another six points in their opponent’s face, taking the lead 18-12. The Murphs secured the win in the second set 21-13.

The two teams versed each other in one more intense tie-breaker set. Alternative Hypothesis was in the lead in the first three points, but eventually faced the Murphs’ competitiveness when they tied the set 5-5. The Murphs finally found themselves in the lead, however fell into another tie with Alternative Hypothesis after bumping out of bounds; the score was now 8-8. The Murphs snagged the advantage 10-8 and remained in the lead. Alternative Hypothesis followed closely behind up until the final point where they tragically handed the match point over. The Murphs won the tie breaker 15-13 and the entire 2v2 Co-Rec match in an unexpected turn of events.

Team Billemeyer was up against team Benzema next in a 4v4 match after the Murphs celebrated their well-deserved win. Billemeyer and Benzema went back and forth the first set until Billemeyer had the advantage and won 21-13.

In the second set, Benzema applied even more effort to secure a win. Billemeyer was in the lead 8-3 and delivered an unsuccessful spike, breaking their score streak and giving Benzema the opportunity to prove themselves. Benzema turned their chances around when they caught up by five points and tied the set 8-8. Billemeyer took back the advantage, but Benzema tied the set again 9-9. Although their efforts were there, Benzema sadly could not keep the score in their favor. Benzema attempted an unsuccessful dig, handing over the ball and advantage to Billemeyer, who then eventually won the second set 21-16.

Right next to Billemeyer and Benzema’s match were 4v4 teams Yahboiabowtuexplote and Shadynasty Lite, who had a battle of their own. There was intense volleying between the two teams in the first set, resulting in Shadynasty Lite handing over the match point to Yahboi who won 21-17.

In the second set, Yaboi found themselves in the lead 3-0. Shadynasty Lite attempted a killer spike, but overshot the volleyball into the outer bounds, Yahboi still in the lead 6-2. Shadynasty Lite came back to life midway through the set, tying themselves with Yahboi, and taking the lead the point after that 9-8. Yahboi came back to tie the set 10-10 and put themselves ahead of their opponent next point, but Shadynasty Lite was persistent—they tied the score again and secured the point after that, placing them in the lead 12-11.

Yahboi took back the lead as they were determined to win in just two sets. Shadynasty Lite almost tied the score once again, but ended up handing their point to Yahboi 14-12. Shadynasty Lite found their fate when they attempted to spike the ball in efforts to avoid the match point, but Yahboi saw exactly what was coming and concluded the second set and match 21-14 with a gnarly block.
In the coming weeks, we will see more gameplay from these teams as well as new ones. Will the winners from these matches be able to hold on to their titles? Watch the next match at the Buckley sand courts on July 17 at 5:45 p.m. where Team Sunscreen will verse Beans and Rice.

For more information about the schedule, visit Drexel’s intramural sports portal.