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Editor thanks Triangle staffers

There was one thing that my family and friends told me to do before I entered my first year at Drexel. “Get involved,” they constantly told me. I resisted at first; I was never one to load up on extracurricular activities, but I realized that college was as good a time as any to feel connected with my school. Needless to say, I’m extremely happy that I got involved. My three years with The Triangle have produced mentors and friends whom I wouldn’t give up for anything.

My career with The Triangle sports section began under Alex Falk as editor. He mentored me from the start, always giving me feedback to improve my writing. Julia Fisher was the assistant sports editor, and her work ethic inspired me to hone my craft and really get involved in the sports section. I remember the first time I went to a Thursday night production. This was the first time I met other section editors, and I immediately realized how close everyone was. It was an exciting experience, as Thursday nights are always filled with fast-paced, last-minute production tasks. I wanted to be part of the camaraderie, so I continued to become involved in the sports section. When Alex graduated last year, Julia and I became co-editors. We had shared responsibility of the sports section, but she was more experienced than I was. She taught me how to run a section of a newspaper, and when she left The Triangle earlier than expected, I was left on my own.

I wasn’t really on my own, though. My first issue as the sole sports editor was more of a collaboration than my first issue alone. Everyone helped me with the problems I had, resulting in a sports section that had everyone’s fingerprints on it. As I learned and became more comfortable, I settled in as sports editor.

During my time as editor, I’ve had some amazing experiences. I got to cover our field hockey team when they won the Colonial Athletic Association championship. I got to be around for the men’s soccer team’s first NCAA Tournament berth in 40 years and for the women’s basketball team winning the WNIT. Covering student-athletes, especially when their hard work pays off, is a joy of mine. I’ll never forget about the complete elation that I experienced when I watched the field hockey team win the CAA Tournament. As a journalist I love the story, but as a person I love seeing emotions that are reserved for a championship.

Now that my time has come to an end, as I hand the reins over to the talented Bryan Fyalkowski, I just hope that he and all the sports editors that follow will be able to have the same experiences I have had. I hope they all create long friendships and appreciate how lucky we are to be a part of The Triangle, an independent newspaper. Independence from Drexel is important for unbiased news reporting, of course, and not many student newspapers are lucky enough to have that.

Ultimately, I’d like to thank everyone — coaches, athletic communications personnel, everyone at the newspaper — who helped me along the way. My time has been amazing, and I hope I left as much of a mark on The Triangle as it left on me.