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Drexel Athletics receives boost during 24 Hours of Impact

Photo by Evie Touring | The Triangle

Drexel’s Day of Giving, known as 24 Hours of Impact, celebrated its ninth year on May 15. The campaign, which lasts one day, unites the entire Drexel community to raise awareness and donations to help support the University and its student-athletes.

24 Hours of Impact took form as a friendly competition in which Drexel Athletics programs and several other university organizations rivaled each other to see which could gather the highest number of donations. Funds raised during the day would directly benefit the teams. Challenges held throughout the day provided opportunities to increase the donations made to the different teams. 

Drexel posted a website in which fans of the teams and clubs could follow the leaderboard as well as follow each team’s progress throughout the day. At the end of the day, the leaderboard kept posted the total amount of money each program made as well as the total donors who contributed their support.

Summary Breakdown of Donations 

For the University’s men’s athletic teams, Men’s Lacrosse made the most money with $49,930 dollars fundraised with 54 donors. This is the second year in a row that Men’s Lacrosse led all programs in donations received during the 24 Hours of Impact. This was followed by Drexel Wrestling, who made a total of $41,240 dollars with 273 donors. This is the fourth consecutive year in which the wrestling team made over $40,000. Men’s Soccer, who fundraised $32,377 dollars through a total of 60 donors and Men’s Rowing, who made $21,009 with 299 total donors followed — but with a significant gap in between.

For the women’s athletic teams, Women’s Lacrosse received the most money with a total of $43,568 dollars with 172 total donors. Women’s Basketball followed suit by fundraising a sum of $36,697 dollars with 52 donors. Following this was the Women’s Swimming and Diving Team, who made $24,313 dollars with 276 total donors. Other teams who received a significant amount in donations included Drexel Golf with $25,267 dollars raised with 14 total donors and Drexel Softball with $18,132 dollars donated from 20 donors. The Dragon Club’s (Athletics Unrestricted) 32 total donors contributed $46,912 dollars to its cause.

Of all the Drexel Colleges, LeBow College of Business received the most with $55,947 from a total of 77 donors. Following LeBow was Close School of Entrepreneurship, which made $38,899 dollars from 52 donors. There was a considerable gap between the next college as the College of Engineering came in third with $5,736 dollars from 42 total donors being contributed. 

Other donations were given to Drexel’s fraternities and sororities, club sports, campus clubs and memberships, as well as different institutes and programs on campus. Student Scholarships made a total of $2,055 dollars from 25 donors. University Priorities (Unrestricted) made a total of $474,965 dollars from 73 total donors – the highest from any other program listed.

Drexel’s 24 Hours of Impact raised $1,162,178 dollars through a total of 7,022 donations given to the university. For Drexel student-athletes, 4,621 donations were made and a collective $484,215 dollars were raised to support their cause.