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Club Sailing team at DU prepares for final regatta

Hunter Snyder and skipper Jason Sinclair of the Drexel sailing team hike out during a B fleet regatta in which they won.
The season’s schedule of regattas has nearly completely sailed away for the Drexel sailing team. The team, a club sport at Drexel, has one regatta remaining in its 2011 spring season, the Engineer’s Cup, which will take place the weekend of May 14-15.

This spring’s schedule included 10 regattas, including the upcoming Engineer’s Cup. About 20 undergraduates make up the roster for the co-ed team, led by head coach Doug Brown. Brown was welcomed as coach a few months ago for the fall season. They usually practice two to three times a week at The Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia in Essington, Pa. The teams compete as part of the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association, part of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association. Their regattas are scattered along the East Coast.

Among the team’s sailors is junior Hunter Snyder. Snyder, despite only being on the team for two months, has fit right in and has enjoyed his time.

“It’s a great group of individuals,” he explained. “We all fit in great. It’s competitive and we do a race every weekend.”

Last weekend, they competed in the 2011 Drexel Open. The Drexel Open involved eight competing teams, including two from Drexel. This was perhaps the biggest regatta for Drexel, as it was their host event. Snyder talked about the importance of the Drexel Open.

“Being our host regatta, it requires a lot of preparation, and we usually get a big turnout,” he said.

The two teams of Dragons finished in second and third place, while the Rochester Institute of Technology took first place. This follows their first place win at the Delaware Spring Open a few weekends ago during the weekend of April 23-24, making back-to-back strong performances for the team.

“It was fantastic,” Snyder said. “Teams all up and down the East Coast, a team from Canada. We got second place; [it went] very well, [and it was a] great outing.”

Speaking to Snyder, it was easy to tell that he has enjoyed being a part of the sailing team, and that the team seems to have a good time together.

“It’s a fantastic team, and [it’s] an absolute pleasure to be a part of it,” he said. “I recommend anyone with desire to compete to contact our president or anyone on the team about joining,”

Jason Sinclair serves as the team’s president. He was elected to the position last November.

Anyone with interest in joining the team could benefit from Snyder’s suggestion. There are many former Drexel sailors who have continued their sailing and can be found racing in different parts of the country. There have been many successful alumni, including. Charles Horter, class of 1970, who went on to win an Olympic medal in sailing — a Bronze medal during the 1972 Olympic games in Munich.

Snyder also mentioned that with the end of the season coming up, there is a “bit more pressure” to do well and the team wants to make sure they have a good outing. The Dragon sailors will look to add to their recent string of great outings at the Engineer’s Cup at Webb Institute when they set sail for the final time this season.