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Mark and Jair Explain Sports

We’re Back

Photograph courtesy of Armon Owlia for The Triangle

This past week, Mark and Jair returned for another season of Mark and Jair Explain Sports.

The boys started off this week’s podcast by discussing what’s going on with Major League Baseball.

The recent addition of Francisco Lindor has stirred a lot of noise as to how serious the Mets are as contenders. Even the Padres’ recent additions of Blake Snell and Yu Darvish have been a hot topic.

The discussion switched gears to the NBA.

Mark’s Sixers have started the season off pretty well. The Los Angeles Lakers have performed similarly in the Western Conference, as has their shared-building rival, Los Angeles Clippers.

Afterward, attention was brought to the NFL. The discussion was big between this past weekend’s matchups and this upcoming weekend’s matchups.

Saturday: 1/16/21

  • Rams vs Packers: 4:35 PM
  • Ravens vs Bills: 8:15 PM

Sunday: 1/17/21

  • Browns vs Chiefs: 3:05 PM
  • Buccaneers vs Saints: 6:40 PM

Stay tuned for more episodes of Mark and Jair Explain Sports. Both Mark and Jair will come up with several different sports topics to discuss during their podcast. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @exsportsdrexel. Also follow their personal accounts @budd98, @jair.bd, @jairbrooksdavis.