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Thoughts About Relationships from the Opposite Sex

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My oh my what a time to be alive! We finally found out who our next president will be. If that is not a relief then I don’t know what is. Things were a little sketchy for a second there, but we prevailed! It was one of those “where were you when this happened” moment for sure. So, to close out a great week, we present you with a great two-part episode.

This episode answers the age-old question “what does the opposite sex think.” You must believe me when I say this was a very entertaining episode to do. We took questions from you, our followers, as well as questions that we made up on our own. Questions ranged from as simple as “why do guys hock loogies?” to as thought-provoking as “do girls hate falling in love with the wrong person as much as guys do?”

Listen, this episode is filled with all of the tea. It was a great introspective look at how the opposite sex thinks and handles things differently. Full credit goes to Liz for this idea, because lord knows I would not be able to think of something as juicy as this. Since so much content was covered, we had to break it down into two episodes, so the next one will come next week!

As always, thank you so much for all the love and support! Shoot us a DM on IG @aintthat_something to give us your input on this episode! Stay positive, everyone!

Brandon and Liz.