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The Wedding Singer

Hello and welcome to our very first episode of “You, Me, Buscemi!” We open our deep-dive of the great works of Steve Buscemi with “The Wedding Singer.” Turns out, it’s a film Buscemi is barely in, but we had plenty to say regardless.

We looked at the movie poster and cast our predictions plot-wise while talking about the 80s and how the decade seemed to invent color. We made our guesses as to who Steve Buscemi’s character would be and where it would take him. We assumed his performance would be reminiscent of various “drunk uncle” types (think Bobby Moinihan’s “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update character).

Pausing in the middle briefly to actually watch the film—which we encourage our listeners to do alongside us—we picked up where we left off and analyzed our guesses. There were things we weren’t too far off on, just as there were things we couldn’t have been more wrong about. The general consensus was that Buscemi did all we wanted him to and more, leaving us with a lovely surprise by the end of the film.

At the risk of spoiling everything we talk about, we’ll leave it at that. We hope you enjoy the episode! Join us again next episode as we watch another great Buscemi film. Will it be “The Great Lebowski?” “Boss Baby?” Tune in to find out and make sure to follow our Instagram, @youmebuscemi, for all things Steve.

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