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Taking the Risks for Some Chicken Wings | The Triangle
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Taking the Risks for Some Chicken Wings

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It’s interesting to see what’s happening in the Major League Baseball season. Players have to play within their own division, and the rules this season are so different. For example, the extra innings scenario with a runner on second base to start off the half inning. Another thing that’s very different is the way the 30-man “taxi squad” is assembled. Well, the Miami Marlins have to figure out more than just the “taxi squad.” There are over 10 players, and staff members that have tested positive for COVID-19. The team recently played against the Philadelphia Phillies, and a lot of questions have come in regarding whether the Marlins will play their upcoming games.

In other MLB news, Joe Kelly was suspended for eight games due to throwing at Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa. Many players in the league questioned the decision to suspend Kelly but not take major action against the Astros for their sign-stealing scandal. The league may have suspended him for provoking a scenario in which players from two different teams came into close contact partially.

In the NBA bubble, life is well. It looks like a small magic village there. They are close to Disney World. There’s supposed to be magic. This past Thursday, Louis Williams didn’t play in the Clippers vs Lakers game in the NBA restart. He was forced into quarantine due to being outside the bubble, caught hanging out and having dinner with rapper, Jack Harlow at Magic City in Atlanta.

In the NFL, there are lots of questions about starting the season. We do need to give Joey Bosa some credit in regards to getting his money. He recently got a five-year $135 million dollar contract extension with $78 million full guaranteed and $102 million guaranteed.

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Mark and Jair hope you all take the right amount of protective measures in order to remain safe throughout the circumstances we face today. We are sad to see a spike of COVID-19 cases rising again. Please be sure to wear masks and use protection at all times.

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