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Rivalry Weekend

It’s a big week in the sports world as we head into Super Bowl weekend, and Mark and Jair were eager to discuss some of the big storylines of the week.

In Major League Baseball, the league has been discussing the number of games set to be played during the season. The Players Union and the league have been going back-and-forth on this topic.

The Sixers are leading the NBA in Power Rankings. Mark is absolutely ecstatic in regards to the success of the team. A major question in the NBA: will Joel Embiid become MVP? In other news, the Brooklyn Nets are rated towards the bottom of the league. Mark took notice of this and discussed it. Lastly, Mark and Jair will see the Drexel Dragons take on the Hofstra Pride this upcoming weekend.

In the National Football League, the Kansas City Chiefs will head to Tampa for their second straight Super Bowl, this time against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mark and Jair discussed their opinions of the game and made their predictions. Mark will be rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while Jair will be rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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