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News and Unpredictability

Photograph courtesy of Armon Owlia for The Triangle

A lot of questions are being asked regarding the NBA and NFL Season. Players are contracting COVID-19, so how will the seasons play out for both sports? Reports came on December 2nd about various numbers of NBA Players testing positive for COVID-19. Both Mark and Jair are very unsure about the start of the NBA Season. Could it be pushed back beyond December 22nd?

One of the biggest headlines that were released recently was the John Wall trade from the Washington Wizards to the Houston Rockets. Russell Westbrook was on the other side of the deal as he has been sent to the Wizards. Mark and Jair are excited to see John Wall with his former University of Kentucky co-star, Demarcus Cousins.

Another big headline was Lebron James signing an extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. People question if he signed the extension on a timely basis for when his son is eligible for the NBA Draft.

One of the highlights in recent sporting events is the recent fight between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson. Lots of people are happy to see Nate Robinson is alright after being knocked out by Jake. It was a brutal fight as it didn’t last too long.

In the NFL, Mark’s Philadelphia Eagles lost this past week to the Seattle Seahawks. The team is now in third place while the Washington Football Team and the New York Giants are tied in the first place. The Eagles will be getting ready to play the New Orleans Saints this upcoming week. It’ll be interesting to the matchup this upcoming Sunday.

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