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Last Call

Going “Out With The Tide” in a stylish Jeep

Another sit-down with Hannah Krupa

Photograph by Ben Ahrens of The Triangle

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On Jan. 10, 2020, the day the very first episode of “Last Call” aired to the public, I spent my day celebrating in a way that not many people would expect.

I was with one of the most underrated singers of our generation, on multiple sets of her upcoming music video for a song that hadn’t been released yet. Whether it was at a subway station in East Philadelphia, a coffee shop with the largest Great Dane I’ve ever seen in my life, a train car connecting Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey, or even the roads of Hannah Krupa’s Jersey residence, it was an experience that, to me, was beyond unforgettable.

Much like Hannah Krupa herself.

A few weeks later, we met at Sabrina’s Cafe on 34th Street for a breakfast meeting, during which I consulted her and watched the initial edit of that music video, “In Between.” During the screening, I noticed that, on Hannah’s right, during a scene on the subway car, a man was sitting, with a hat that I immediately recognized as a hat for “Last Call.”

She gave, not just during the interview, but also during that music video, the greatest gift I could’ve ever received: an opportunity to witness greatness up close and personal. I know that “Last Call,” for both Hannah and I, is just a step on our paths, but it is a step I am glad to share with her.

So now, as I prepare for my own Last Call, I am glad to sit back and let the great Songbird sing.

For Kathy Krupa. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. You are deeply missed.