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Florette Press: The Sage of the Department of Communication

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Welcome back homies!

Happy Week 5 my dudes! Hope you’re hanging in there. There has been so much snow in the past week, and we are literally not thriving. But what else is new? This week we have a special one with a very special guest: Florette Press.

Florette Press is the academic advisor for students in the Department of Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences. She’s always there to lend an ear, guide you through your different predicaments whether it be academic or personal and, if you’re like Brandon, answer your manic post-midterm emails (with subject lines like “I think I’m dropping out”) with the utmost kindness and humor.

In the first of two episodes, Florette talks about her humble beginnings as a Spanish major at Kenyon College in Ohio. She takes us through some of her adventures abroad and her early post-college experiences. This is the first guest we have had on the show as co-hosts, so we are so excited for you to hear this.

Full disclosure: This episode was recorded back in October, but it was lost to the archives until now.

Florette is like the Samwise Gamgee to her students. No matter how hard the pressure (or precious) of academic studies gets to us, she’ll always be there to help us until we graduate (or throw the ring in the fires of Mount Doom).

As always, you’re the best homies.

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Liz and Brandon.