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Debates and Comebacks

Mark and Jair Explain Arizona Baseball and the Bulls

Photograph courtesy of Armon Owlia for The Triangle

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For the past month, the world has been on pause due to the COVID-19 crisis. Because of the outbreak, all professional sports have been temporarily suspended. In this episode, we break down the impact of the coronavirus, the MLB in Arizona and “The Last Dance” documentary, along with some views on Michael Jordan against LeBron James as people.

On Sunday, April 19, ESPN will be debuting Part 1 and Part 2 of “The Last Dance.” Mark and Jair both discussed Michael Jordan and what they are expecting from the doc.

Mark and Jair also discussed Major League Baseball being played in Arizona and a potential plan for it to work. While the possibility is exciting, there are a lot of obstacles that come with going through with this plan, such as players, coaches and team staff having to be tested and in close proximity from place to place. Another issue is that players will be away from their families for a while.