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Brandon’s Recovery Part 2

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Hey, Homies!

Welcome back! It’s week 4 already. Can you believe it? The amount of homework we are drowning in is astronomical, and the PASS/FAIL option is really going to come in clutch this term…just like it did the last three terms.

Last week, we brought you Brandon’s story of relapse and addiction. This week, we present to you part 2 of that episode: the recovery. While we focused last week on how Brandon dealt with his issues in the moment, we talk to you this week about how Brandon uses those “issues” and rough past as fuel to live a better, happier and sober life.

We also talk about the pressure of having to maintain a public persona when it does more damage to you than just being yourself. Sobriety or not, this is something that many people struggle with. As a trigger warning, we talk about depression and bulimia as well, so please tread lightly if this is something that bothers you.

We are so thankful that each and every one of you keep coming back week after week. This show is only as amazing as you all are.

Please love yourself. Please show compassion to yourself. Please know it’s okay to forgive yourself.

Much love,

Liz and Brandon.

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