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Brandon’s Journey From Relapse to Recovery. Part 1

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Hi everyone,

The episodes for this week and the next will be very “Brandon”-focused. As you listen this week, you will learn that Brandon has a very turbulent past with sobriety. This is something that he has discussed briefly before, but in today’s episode, he tells his full story of struggle, determination and recovery.

One thing that we strive for on this show is transparency about mental health. It is important not to hold things in that could be harmful to yourself. This episode takes you from Brandon’s first interaction with alcohol after graduating high school, to his time in the army, to this very day.

It’s a very heavy episode, and Brandon discusses much that he has not said publicly before. So, just a heads up; there may be triggering material in this. The great thing about this podcast is that we are friends first, co-hosts second. So I am incredibly thankful that I have such an amazing co-host to help me walk you through my journey.

Today, at the time of this publishing, Brandon is 127 days sober, and he plans on keeping it that way. Remember homies: It’s okay to not be okay.

Thank you all for everything. See y’all next week.

Brandon & Liz.

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