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And Then There Were Two

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Hi everyone!

Liz and Brandon here! This is the third podcast (the second one you are hearing) that we have done together, so we have decided that the most obvious choice was to team up and become co-hosts. It just seemed like the most natural decision, you know? We are friends, our conversations are always interesting, and it’s just more organic when we are together on the show. Garfunkel had Simon, Hall had Oates, Run had DMC and now we have Brandon and Liz. We are so excited to start this new chapter with all of you, and we cannot wait for you all to hear the content coming your way!

In this episode, Liz came over so we could bake macaroons for a side project that we were working on together. In between mimosas and baking, we decided to record a podcast, haha! We first analyze the results of our Myers-Briggs Tests and discuss the stigmas the come with our astrological signs.

We also talk about the trials and tribulations of maintaining trust and effective communication in a relationship and the toxicity of long-term relationships. Who doesn’t love relationship talk? We promise that you will relate to the relationship woes in this episode. Things take a heavy turn at the end as we discuss mental health and Brandon’s transition from soldier to civilian.

We talked so much that we had to cut this into two episodes! If you thought this was great, stay tuned for the continuation of it next week. Thank you so much to all of our supporters! We appreciate you so much!

Liz and Brandon