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Letters to our Exes | The Triangle
Ain't That Something With Brandon & Liz

Letters to our Exes

Logo Credit: Gabrielle Dondici

Hi, homies!

It has been one heck of a term, to say the least. It has been filled with hardships, self-discovery, but most importantly, progress. In the end, progress is all that truly matters.

This will be our last episode of the season but don’t worry, we’ll be back in the winter! In this episode, we go straight for the heartstrings. How so? Well, we write letters to our exes and read them to you all. THE TEA! Brandon writes one to his ex-girlfriend while Liz writes one to an ex-girl-friend (platonic). Full disclosure, these letters are not damning in any way but rather an expression of what we learned from these relationships and how we have grown as individuals since then.

Tears were shed between the both of us and even our amazing editor, Maddie, said this was a heavy one. We are sorry if this episode makes you emotional but we made a promise to ourselves when we first started this podcast that would be nothing but honest to ourselves and you all. And we have continued this effort week after week. It is important to address the things that hurt you because holding in your feelings is not healthy for any party that is involved.

From me (Brandon), personally, I want to thank you so much for your support when I introduced Liz as my co-host 4 weeks into the season. She brings so much to this creative partnership and I could not see myself doing this with anyone but her.

From both of us, thank you to our amazing editors, Maddie and Jane. Thank you, Jane, for giving us a chance with this podcast, and thank you Maddie for doing all the insane editing requests we ask of you. You both are absolutely amazing! Thank you to the Triangle, The DMC, and Professor Alex Jenkins.

Thank you to all of our guests this term (Abbey Haas, Katherine Visco, Florette Press, Hana Graybill, Maddie Avareses, Ashley, Candice) even if you did not make it to air, your appearance on the show helped us craft our skill and direction more than you know.

Most importantly, thank you to our listeners. It means the world to us that you keep coming back every week. Y’all are the best homies. We will be back this winter in full force! We already have a few episodes planned to record over winter break. 2021 is where it’s at. See you then, and be ready to listen.

So for the last time this season:

“it’s your boy Brandon, and your girl Liz, and this is… ain’t that something.”

Liz and Brandon.